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LFDY – German streetwear Brand

Lorenz Amend is the founder and CEO of LFDY clothing brand. LFDY came to be through a passion for new experiences and a group of ambitious people. “Live fast” serves as the foundational creed, propelling all our endeavors. The story started in a 40-square-meter space and a backyard in Düsseldorf, where a message and a printing machine we bought sparked our journey. Rooted in our neighborhood, LFDY origin remains the bedrock of our energy and is an integral part of our brand’s essence. We embody the spirit of adventure, individuality, and unwavering loyalty to our community as the voice of our generation.

LFDY is not just another company

LFDY is all about forging a unique identity and breaking free from the ordinary. We strive to be the brand that embodies the spirit of today’s generation, constantly pushing forward on our chosen path. We are a constant and dynamic movement, driven by a progressive mindset and a passionate, fast-paced lifestyle. From day one, and into the future, LFDY stands proudly independent, refusing to be bound by industry norms meant for others. Our brand is not just a label; it’s a way of life. It’s our approach to living, expressing, moving, and trusting that sets LFDY apart in everything we do. Our collections draw inspiration from diverse sources – lyrics, shapes, materials, powerful movements, and open-minded ideas. We’re influenced by street culture, urban life, and the remarkable individuals who have shaped our world. At LFDY, we’re not just making clothing; we’re crafting a lifestyle that’s authentic, unconventional, and uniquely our own.

Success isn’t found in a manual, it’s in the mindset

LFDY recognized the significance of establishing a distinct brand identity at an early stage. They don’t just manufacture products for the street; they also encapsulate the essence of urban culture in all its raw and unfiltered facets. The authenticity and transparency of the brand strongly appeal to its young, urban customers. Riccardo Ballarino, the Executive Creative Director of LFDY, says that sharing behind-the-scenes videos shows customers how they create their designs.

Live Fast Die Young Collection

Our most recent collection showcases modern art pieces by Lukas Müller, a talented German artist known for his exploration of our everyday surroundings. He captures the essence of gritty alleyways and the allure of deviating from the conventional path. Lukas Müller’s work is a fusion of commonplace objects, glimpses of illicit activities, and remnants from the late 1990s, exuding a raw and unapologetic aesthetic. The collection comprises vintage-inspired outerwear and accessories, including a three-piece fleece ensemble consisting of a fleece zip-up jacket, a laptop sleeve, and cozy slippers. Hoodies and t-shirts prominently feature Lukas Müller’s artworks and LFDY typography in the back.

Lfdy Hoodie

LFDY’s cozy hoodies offer urban flair and have solidified their status as iconic fashion statements, making them the perfect companions for your everyday attire. Our wide range of hoodie designs ensures that there’s a suitable model for every hoodie enthusiast, featuring a variety of casual styles and a spectrum of colors. Our Lfdy hoodie collection offers a range of styles to suit your preferences, from oversized and well-worn to classic plain designs and unique prints. Mix and match our hoodie bestsellers with oversized t-shirts, tank tops, long-sleeved shirts, flannel shirts, or bomber jackets for a layered look. At LFDY, we celebrate hoodie season all year round! Explore our styles, draw inspiration from them, and discover your own personal favorites in the world of streetwear fashion.

Lfdy Longsleeve

Elevate your wardrobe with timeless long-sleeved shirts, especially as the season transitions. LFDY offers a range of casual long-sleeve options that serve as essential pieces to enhance your versatile streetwear ensembles. Whether you prefer a long-sleeve T-shirt adorned with unique prints or a simple, high-quality cotton ribbed top, our designs feature comfortable cuts and a casually modern fit. LFDY showcases a range of revamped designs, such as polo collar styles, sporty raglan long sleeves, and various crew neck long-sleeved shirts. Explore our diverse collection of lfdy longsleeve models to curate your own distinctive leisure look. We can wear these shirts alone with denim or track pants. We can layer them under different jackets such as corduroy, quilted vests, flannel, denim, college jackets, or oversized puffer winter jackets. Let your personal style shine through and find inspiration in your own favorite outfit combinations.

Lfdy Shorts

Get ready for a fresh, summery street city look with the incredibly comfortable shorts from LFDY. These shorts are your ideal companions for crafting your unique summer style. Whether you prefer classic denim shorts, sporty cut-offs, cozy terry cloth options, or contemporary swim trunks, our collection of lfdy shorts Stands out for its use of top-notch materials, providing an exceptionally comfortable fit with a casual and modern aesthetic. Depending on the specific model, our knee-length summer shorts may feature vibrant stripes, practical drawstrings, stylish leather patches, intricate details, or distinctive logo embroidery. During the summer holiday season, our popular beach shorts, complete with a regular fit and mesh lining, come in various color combinations to spark your inspiration. Explore and find your personal favorite among our selections. These shorts are perfect for a laid-back summer look when paired with our LFDY tees, sleeveless shirts, and sweaters.